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Acne scars treatment

PicoWay Acne Scar Treatment

Reduce acne scars with the PicoWay®Resolve laser treatment. Its advanced collagen-producing picosecond technology improves acne scar appearance in quick 15 to 20-minute sessions. FDA cleared for the treatment of acne scars, PicoWay Resolve delivers ultra-short laser pulses under the skin to significantly minimize acne scars in a series of brief 15- to 20-minute sessions. And, with low to no downtime after treatment, you can quickly get on with life. Ask us today about whether treating acne scars with PicoWay Resolve is right for you! 

Know more about PicoWay® Resolve acne scar treatment by downloading the pdf given below. It has all the information you need to know before opting for the solution.