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Our Clients Say

Tattoo Is Coming Off So Quickly

Awesome people. Love how ugly tattoo is coming off so quickly. Cannot wait till it’s gone.

Jody S

Such Professional People

Tattoo Time Machine is currently working on removing my tattoo. Such professional people to work with. Great experience for me & I’m so happy to be having my tattoo removed by them! Keep up the great work!!

JKarli G

Really Recommend This Place

Went here a couple of years ago…I had a couple “regretted” tattoos on my arms. I went in two sessions and thought I would have to go back. I really recommend this place for laser removal! Thank you!!

Susie M

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Dedicated Team

At the Accalia Dermatological Clinic, we have assembled an outstanding team of doctors who are innovators in the cosmetic and dermatology fields.

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